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Custom wooden signs, great for address, decorating, weddings, events, offices or anything else. There are four differnet types of wood we generally use. If you have a speical piece of wood you would like us to carve, send us an email and a picture of the piece for a quote. 

Please note color is great for a indoor sign, but fades quickly outside and in sunlight. 

Ranch sign 2" x 12" x 48"

  • This is an estimated size.

    Some wood has knots, but we work around them to make the sign look great! 

    There is no guarantee that the color of the wood will be the exact color as the picture, but close. 

     Black font is included in price, color font is $5.00 extra. You can choose two different colors. Usually white and another color. (Look at the colored pictures to see what we do) Color selection is down below. 


    All signs are done free hand, there are no computer layouts, and no computer guided equipment (CNC machine). 

    The lettering is laid out with a pencil and then routered by hand. Therefore the only font available is the style of writing you see on display.